Our developers always have access to their source code, no matter where they're located.

- Tien Tzuo, CEO, Zuora

Before CloudForge, we had a 4-5 month period where we encountered 6-8 hours of downtime a week. CloudForge jumped in and offered us 99.9% uptime which they've maintained since we joined a few years ago. We've seen huge performance boosts since implementing CloudForge and I really don't have to think about the service anymore - it's just there and works flawlessly.

- Rahul Subramaniam, Managing Director, DevFactory

CloudForge focused my mind on our core business

- Steve Porter, Co-Owner, Sunday Media


CloudForge has become a great partner in handling Mattel's engineering infrastructure needs

- Peter Marx, VP Technology, Mattel Inc.


CollabNet is helping our organization embrace cloud development as a means of improving productivity and reducing costs while, at the same time, providing structure and visibility we need from a business standpoint. Having Agile project management available through ScrumWorks Pro on CloudForge is a major step in moving more of our development projects to the cloud where we can code, collaborate and deploy software more efficiently

- Vinay Asthana, Team Lead, Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc. (VETS, Inc.)


We have used CloudForge for several years and in that time we've found their services to be absolutely essential. CloudForge is reliable, easy to work with, and generally excellent. We look forward to a continued partnership.

- Dianna Carroll, QA Manager, Harman International


CloudForge is the first name I turn to for version control

- David Barret, CEO, Expensify

Stanford University

CloudForge is helping to propel supervised machine learning into imaging recognition around the world. CloudForge gives us reliable and backed up source control so we can coordinate this effort.

- Adam Kapelner, Researcher, Dept. of Hematology & Statistics, Stanford University