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Version Control Systems

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Apache™ Subversion® Hosting

Subversion (SVN) is a centralized version control system.

Use SVN to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code and documentation.
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Git Hosting

Git is a distributed version control system (DVCS).

Git allows you to easily maintain parallel, largely shared but permanently somewhat different lines of the same product.
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TeamForge Project

TeamForge is the industry leading Agile application lifecycle management (ALM) platform providing complete end to end traceability for your development projects, supporting Agile, waterfall or hybrid workflow & methodologies.
Burndown chart

Agile Planning

Define epics, establish release and sprint plans, estimate time, prioritize and manage your backlogs across all your Agile projects

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Define and track all work items from business requirements, user stories, issues/bugs to deployment tasks.
Defect, Bug, Issue Tracker
TeamForge Document Management

Document Manager

Share and manage documents and files with powerful versioning capabilities. Built in workflow for reviews and approval as well as integrations with Microsoft Office.


Collaborate and share information across your teams fostering the sharing of knowledge with traceability to your other artifacts.
Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

Connect and facilitate collaboration across your organization with options that allow you to subscribe, moderate search and manage topics.

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Flexible Plan Management and Codified Processes

Define Product Roadmaps

Define Product Roadmaps

Bring all team members on the same page, using common project homes. View project status, documentation and resources, or drill into specific releases or iterations. Aggregate metrics and burn-down reports, for program-wide visibility.

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive planning supports Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and anything in-between. Simultaneously plan by feature (scope) and timeline (release), using flexible planning folders. Simplify planning using graphical, web based planning boards.
Adaptive Planning
Estimate Work Items

Estimate Work Items

Realistically estimate project efforts, without creating yet more effort for yourself. Simultaneously view, assess and update estimates across work items. Then let the system calculate the total effort, automatically.

Prioritize Work Items

Prioritize work items, at any level of the planning folder to increase business and development agility. Leverage tie-breaking within the project context to further refine priorities.
Prioritize Work Items
Visualize Progress with Task Boards

Visualize Progress with Task Boards

Implement agile task management with distributed teams and visualize project status with interactive task boards, within Windows desktop clients and IDE's. Update, share and monitor project and sprint processes, by re-allocating items as work progresses.

Bugs, Issues, Wikis

Defect, Bug, Issue Tracker

TeamForge Project

The TeamForge tracker provides a simple, yet powerful way to manage your issues and bugs. Create, rank, assign and track issues across your defined workflow.  TeamForge's built in wiki allows you to collaborate around issues and defects.

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CloudForge Publisher

Deploy to any IaaS/PaaS

One-click, automated deployment from your code repositories to your cloud environment. Recipe templates for leading IaaS/PaaS provide the actions needed to publish your content.

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CloudForge Publisher Partners

FTP, SCP, SSH, and Rsync

Deploy your source-code with a single click using various protocols including FTP, SCP, SSH, and Rsync to your run-time environment.

CloudForge Publisher enables deployment to multiple servers in parallel


CloudForge Integrations

Integrate your Tools

Start afresh with best of breed tools or connect and leverage your existing investment. (e.g. JIRA, Rally Software, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Fogbugz, Lighthouse, ZenDesk and VersionOne).

Web Hooks

Web hooks (also known as call back API or post-commit hooks) is a powerful feature that allows scripts to be run in response to a source-code commit.

Actions can include updating your other tools, starting a build or notification.
Web Hooks - Commit Hooks
Box File Storge in TeamForge


Connect your TeamForge Project with your Box account, giving you the ability to easily access your Box stored content alongside your development assets


Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) allows users to create and share documents and files easily. WebDAV can be mapped to you local machine like a networked drive.

Security & Control

CloudForge Security

Roles and Permissions

User Roles & Permissions

Maintain fine-grain control and access levels to all your code, tools and services with CloudForge's superior role based access control (RBAC) system.

Set up and maintain roles, groups and their permissions across your entire organization.

IP Whitelist

Limit what network addresses can access your CloudForge services giving you another layer of control over which users can access your data.

You can set these IP addresses to specific ones (like your building public IP), or a set of IP addresses.
IP Whitelist
Password Policy

Password Policy Control

CloudForge give administrators centralized control to enforce security standards that meet their organizations' policies.

Enforce strong user passwords; Set password expiry time or globally force all users to change their passwords.
Also check out the CloudForge Data Confidentiality Agreement

Visibility & Reporting

CloudForge Dashboard


The CloudForge Dashboard provides a clear overview into your development projects and CloudForge account.

From the Dashboard you can perform your most frequent activities; quickly and easily create new projects, launch your tools and even one-click deploy to the cloud.

Activity Streams & Search

The project activity streams provide clear visibility in the current and past activities with projects.

The powerful search allows you to filter and find key information and history with ease.
CloudForge Activity Stream
CloudForge Reporting

Reporting Center

The reporting center provides key insight and metrics across your development projects allowing you to make informed decisions.

User Access Control

CloudForge gives you complete governance of all your code, tools, and processes with role-based access controls (RBAC).You can define granular user permissions, project access, security and privileges.

User Access Control


User Access Control

CloudForge gives you complete governance of all your code, tools, and processes with role-based access controls (RBAC).You can define granular user permissions, project access, security and privileges.

Platform & Backups

Global Datacenters

99.9% Uptime SLA

Distributed across 4 data centers across the globe, CloudForge's high availability platform is backed by a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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CloudForge Security

CloudForge is a powerful, seamlessly integrated portfolio of platform services, managed devices, data centers and best practices - we deliver the highest level of security to customers and partners.

CollabNet undergoes compliance testing across all areas of security: physical, operational, network, system, application, access and data, so your data remains secure and private.
Security and Compliance
Multi-tenant Cloud Platform

Multi-Tenant Cloud Platform

CloudForge's proven multi-tenant platform delivers a reliable service that allows you to focus on developing great things and less time on maintaining software. Leave that to us!

Our globally dispersed experts make sure you are running 24/7!

Private, Single-Tenant Cloud

Looking for your own dedicated environment to manage your development? We have this covered also. TeamForge ALM provides a scalable and customizable development platform delivered on a dedicated server in CollabNet's world-class SSAE-16 data center.

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Single-tenant Cloud Platform
OnDemand Backups

Data Backups

Your data is just as important to us as it is to you. Backups of your repositories are made continuously and stored in offsite data centers giving you maximum comfort. Backups are kept for 30 days.

On Demand Snapshots

Need a copy of your data? Within CloudForge you can request a snapshot of your data to download.
OnDemand Snapshot
Schedule Backups

Custom Snapshots

What to schedule a snapshot of your data to be store on your own server? Simply select your data, define your custom date/time schedule and select your destination (i.e. Amazon S3 or local server)

CloudForge has been hosting our project for over a year now and have been consistently reliable and fast. Tech support has been knowledgeable and friendly, and ludicrously quick; instead of hassling with Trac upgrades, backups and post-commit hooks we've been able just to get on with development. First-class job -thanks!

- Thomas Nichols, RailFrog


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