CloudForge is a new development Platform as a Service (dPaaS) for developing, deploying and scaling application services. Cloudforge marries collaborative application development with a simplified approach for deploying to PaaS and any production server. CloudForge is built on CollabNet’s secure cloud hosting and integration platform, acquired from in 2010.

What is development Platform as a Service (dPaaS)?

Mobile, web, collaboration, and social apps have exploded, and PaaS/IaaS vendors like Amazon, CloudFoundry, and are now first-class citizens alongside Enterprise IT. Agile development organizations typically leverage a heterogeneous mix of processes and on-demand tool stacks, to collaborate with teammates and deploy to production.

dPaaS helps embed cloud-based development and PaaS deployment within a framework for managing the application lifecycle. It provides the broadest range of hosted tool services, platform services, integration services and deployment services available.  

What is CloudForge?

CloudForge is an easy-to-use agile platform offering on-demand tools and services that distributed teams and companies need to collaborate and deploy to any production environment (private, PaaS, cloud). It’s programming language and framework agnostic, meaning it supports multiple platforms and is extensible via our ecosystem of partners and plugins. It is fast and self-service, with flexible pricing options and designed to meet the needs of Enterprise scalability and security.

Why CloudForge?

The CloudForge team ourselves practice agile development and continuous deployment compulsively, leveraging a range of tools and environments. Flexibility, interoperability and scalability are critical needs to be able to deploy regularly at scale. We have incorporated many of these principles into CloudForge, which today is trusted by thousands of organizations around the world. These range from workgroups and small business to Enterprise and government, who depend on CoudForge to support everyday, mission-critical cloud development and deployment.

Why CollabNet?

CollabNet knows developers. As the company that originally sponsored Subversion, CollabNet has a deep pedigree of agile development approaches, products, and thought leaders. Products include TeamForge, a leading Agile platform for distributed enterprise, CloudForge, and couple of other development tools. CollabNet is trusted by more Fortune 500 companies than any other application development vendor, including the likes of CapGemini, Deutsche Post, HP, and Fedex.

Background & Values

CloudForge was built by a passionate, extended team that previously grew to serve over 4,000 customers and hundreds of thousands of users since 2002. Codesion was founded as CVSDude by Mark Bathie in Brisbane, Australia in 2002. The team relocated to Silicon Valley and renamed to in 2009, and was acquired by CollabNet in Brisbane, California, in 2010. The CloudForge app has seven design principles:

  1. People-centric design - human readable and interactive
  2. Minimal, fast, and neat
  3. Contextual- to the user’s flow and need at hand   
  4. Make the user an expert - through embedded tips and best practices
  5. Data driven - breathing usage and data throughout  
  6. Collaborative - supporting distributed teamwork  
  7. Engaging - bringing color to daily life